Velos UAV

Velos 880 (discontinued)

The Velos 880 is a completely new approach to RC helicopters in terms of performance, redundancy and safety. Every part of this model has been designed from the ground up with main goals: Simplicity and performance. We have not compromised either in building this helicopter. Its aerodynamic and streamlined shape exploits the laws of physics in order to minimize drag and allow for superior 3D handling and top speed.

The center of gravity on the vertical axis is just 13 to 14 cm under the main rotor which gives Velos 880 a phenomenal responsiveness. The skids are equipped with cnc, red anodized reinforcements. Additionally, their wide span make them acting like shock absorbers during landings and take offs. Tail boom is made of carbon fiber with a 40mm outside diameter for an unusually strong and lightweight construction.

The mechanics of Velos are a key differentiator compared to any other product in the market. The heart of Velos is a sophisticated gearbox that combines the power from two high performance brushless motors and transfers the total power to the main and tail rotors while maintaining the highest possible efficiency. There is a smart fault isolation system that is activated in case of a component failure (motor, belt, esc, battery pack or pinion gear) during a flight. The gearbox can automatically disengage the stopped motor without introducing any drag to the rest of the transmission.  That concept renders the Velos 880 completely redundant, allows the helicopter to continue its flight normally and prevents it from crashing, resulting in superior reliability. In fact, the model is able to make a normal sport flight with only one motor in operation.

Furthermore, the above configuration allows power levels that in other cases will not be possible due to excessive weight thus breaking the barrier of 800 sizes for 3D flight. Another important benefit from this configuration is that you do not have to spend a fortune buying the latest high-end 800 size motors and escs together with expensive 7s LiPo batteries.

In fact you can use two budget 700 or even 600 size motors and escs which costs much less than the latest 800 systems yet their total power output easily outperforms the above.

Velos 880 is using a twin, double stage gearbox.The first stage is using belts to transfer the power from the motors and it is using solid motor mounts. There is no need to push or pull the motors in order to apply tension to the belts; instead, there is a double rail tension system, which makes the removal and adjustment of the belts a 30 second process by simply tightening just one nut for each belt. The second stage of the gearbox is using fully hardened, helical metal gears and has been based on a special geometry configuration to allow the transfer of outstanding amounts of power to the main rotor with the smallest possible dimensions. In addition, the whole mechanics can be easily removed for maintenance by removing just four screws. The power to the tail rotor is been transmitted through a belt and two pulleys. The large diameter of the boom allowed us to eliminate any idler pulleys and tensioners for the tail belt. That way the power transmission to the tail rotor is simple, effective and maintenance free.

The four-servo swash plate design gives Velos 880 additional safety and redundancy. The load of the main rotor is been applied to four servos instead of three. That way each servo has less work to do, drains less current and runs cooler. Furthermore, in an unfortunate event of a swash servo failure the helicopter can keep flying without losing control and crashing. Velos 880 can fly with only three swash plate servos in operation. All the above render Velos 880:  A truly unique, fully redundant and extremely safe to fly machine.

The rotor head of Velos 880 has been designed from the ground up. At the core of the flybarless head there are two independent spindle shafts that enable different flapping angles in each blade (in proportion to the momentary forces that are acting on them). This design achieves a wider RPM operating range.